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Food and Circular Economy

On October 15th, we invite you to an afternoon on Food and Circular Economy, at the occasion of the launch of a benchmark compilling initiatives on this theme.

The benchmark was produced by ORÉE for the « Ile de France Committee on Circular Economy ».

This event will be an opportunity to:

> Discover innovative and transferable solutions to other territories or organizations

> Meet organizations, companies and local authorities involved in the Ile-de-France region

> Connect with inspiring project leaders;

> Identify the actors who support and accompany circular economy and food security initiatives in the Île-de-France region.



What City?

The interactive conference called What City?

Topic of this years What City is Circular cities, where it is planned  to introduce the topic of circular cities in Slovakia and also to present Bratislava’s potential in circularity.

Event will be held on October 18-19th in Bratislava.


Circular Economy International Conference

The International Engineering Fair is the most important industrial trade fair event in Central Europe with an annual attendance of more than 1,600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors. More than 50% of exhibitors and 10% of visitors arrive from abroad. The event is attended mostly by trade visitors, with over 70 percent of visitors influencing investment decisions, and one third of them rank among top executives. All key areas of mechanical and electrical engineering industry are represented. MSV has traditionally been given high media attention, with about three hundred journalists accredited. Part of the fair is a cutting-edge sideline program of professional conferences, seminars and workshops on current technical, business and economic topic.

INCIEN becomes a partner of this fair in 2019. We will facilitate and coordinate activities such as conferences, roundtable discussions or for example networking and matchmaking opportunities, that aim to interlink potential business partners. Next to this we are committed to a higher aim – to place the International Engineering Fair on the front crossbar on a global scale once again. That is why participants from international partner organizations are invited, collaboration with many chambers of Commerce has been initiated, and exhibitors can look forward to the opportunities excessing boundaries of the Czech Republic.The key event will be an introduction of a new concept of international cooperation for Czech companies and organizations regarding circular economy. A number of important foreign guests has already today accepted our invitation to participate.




Exchange of ideas, designer and innovative partnerships

The second meeting of the Black Sea Macro-Regional Hub (Romanian Academy, October 11, 2019).
How the Romanian businesses can recover the start by adopting the Circular Economy: from the recovery of 100% of all waste to a new “State of Good” through alternative visionary entrepreneurship

For more information and registration, we invite to access:

These information we want to promovate, exactly what we have already written. Please let us now if everything is right and otherwise we will change the way some informations looks.

A pretty day!

Date: 11.10.2019, Friday 9.00-13.00
Location: Casa Academiei , Bucharest
Organizator: Catedra Internațională Onorifică ”Jean Bart” – Cio-Suerd in partnership with Institute for research in circular economy and environment “Ernest Lupan”


Public consultation for elaboration of the Buzău as circular city strategy


The City Hall of Buzău in partnership with IRCEM are pleased to invite you to the event “BUZĂU ORAȘ CIRCULAR 2030” within the project “STRATEGY ON TRANSITION FROM THE LINEAR ECONOMY TO THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY OF BUZĂU CITY, ACCORDING WITH

The workshop will be held on 09.10.2019, in the Nicu Constantinescu Hall in Buzau City Hall, starting at 09:00.

The project aims to create a strategy that will support the transition from the linear economy to the circular economy of Buzău Municipality, by involving all representative actors. Therefore, we invite all stakeholders: the business environment, public authorities, NGOs, as well as the citizens of Buzau City to give us a point of view on the future directions that the city should focus on, in order to adopt the principles, functioning as a circular city until 2030. At the same time, aspects as problems of socio-cultural, economic and environmental interest will be discussed, in order to offer solutions for them.

Participants registration is done by accessing the following link:

The working session deals with the types of local and cross-regional thematic concentrations relevant to the interests of local actors, possible instruments, at local, regional and national level, which would be needed to support this dynamic.

More information can be found by accessing the following link:

We invite you to be part of the change together!

Location:City Buzău Hall, street Piața Daciei, nr 1, 120040 Buzău
Organizator: Institute for research in circular economy and environment “Ernest Lupan”



A Sustainable Transition: From a linear to Circular Economy

A Sustainable Transition: From a linear to Circular Economy

Event description: As part of the International Circular Week (7-13 of October 2019) Exergy is co-organising a 3-hour afternoon workshop exploring the idea of circular economy. The aim of the event is to promote sustainable attitudes of consumers and get inspired from the current initiatives that implement circular business models within UK. The event will serve as a common platform for several stakeholders with similar aim and their desire to move towards a circular thinking approach.

Date: October 9th
Venue: Warwick University (UK)


Conference for the tourism industry “Towards Circular Economy - Innovation in South Baltic tourism”

Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza would like to invite companies from the tourism industry and institutions supporting their development to a free conference on circular economy (CE) organised as part of the CIRTOINNO project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.
We will explain the idea of CE and its principles and look at the issue from the perspective of tourism businesses’ practice. The programme of the event includes speeches by experts, examples from the everyday practice of tourism companies, a discussion panel and networking.

Venue: Hotel PURO, Poland, Gdańsk Old Twown, Stągiewna 26 St.


Field visit to the ZERO BRINE pilot plant

Interested in energy savings and recovering resources from wastewater in the mining industry?

Saline waste waters are a concern of many industries. The coal mining industry in Poland is a case in point: discharging around 4 millions tons of sodium chloride into rivers every year. ZERO BRINE is turning this problematic waste into a source of income by recovering all materials such as water, salts, and minerals for reuse in industries while curbing energy use.

During the site visit, journalists, industry experts, academics, and policy-makers are invited to see the technology and to learn the latest results and benefits for the environment, society and business, thus advancing the triple bottom-line of sustainability.

When: Tuesday 8 October 2019, 8am – 6pm

Where: Bolesław Śmiały coal mine, Łaziska Górne & SUT, Gliwice

Starting- & Drop off point: Vienna House Easy Katowice, Sokolska 24, 40-086 Katowice, Poland

Due to limited space registration is valid after the confirmation email.




VII International Congress of Bioeconomy

The local government of the Łódź Voivodeship cordially invites you to participate in the 7th edition of the International Bioeconomy Congress.

Congress is a cyclical initiative whose goal is to create a favorable atmosphere around an innovative, effective and competitive approach to support the development of the bioeconomy. By participating in discussion panels and thematic sessions, representatives of business, local government, research and scientific community, business environment organizations and institutions supporting the development of the bioeconomy, both from Poland and Europe, participate in it. It is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in an international group, as well as establish new business contacts, increase exports and promote not only the voivodship, but above all Łódź entrepreneurs.

Link to registration:

More information:



Studying visit in C2C Company

The C2C packaging factory is located in Lublin. The company constantly follows trends in sustainable development and introduces process and product innovations, has its own laboratory for testing materials and development works.

The goal of C2C is to create specific solutions for the circular economy. Plastic waste is for them a resource that is transformed into valuable products. The company was one of the first in the country to implement on an industrial scale the production of packaging from starch and bacteriostatic films.

Types of devices that can be seen at work:
– polyethylene recycling line, with industrial water recovery system
– modern extruders for films of various densities, also for BIO films
– flexographic printing machines
– cutting and welding machines for forming products

Date: October 8, 2019, at 10.00

Place of visit:
C2C sp. Zo.o.
ul. Zawieprzycka 8i
20-228 Lublin

Please arrive in flat footwear or have footwear for change.

If you want to paticipate please send an email to:


Competences for a Green Future

Ladeja Godina Košir, Founder and Director of Circular Change will give a keynote address at an event dedicated on improving the capacity building and support system for students of various ages in Slovenia. Sustainability and circular economy can act as drivers of success and inspiration!


Zero Waste Trade

Would you like to simplify your life and reduce the amount of waste generated to a minimum, or maybe you have your best practices to implement ideas that are waste-free?

Zero Waste is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge in this topic, exchange experiences, stock up on a home composter and other waste-free essentials. As part of the fair, apart from the stands, lectures, discussions, workshops for adults and children on the subject of waste-free, economical and ecological lifestyle as well as thematic films will be held. In a word, a waste-free holiday!

The Zero Waste Fair will be held on October 11-12 (MTP ul. Głogowska 14).

Admission to the fair and all workshops, lectures and panels is free.



Creating Economic and Business Opportunities from Climate Change

This exciting conference at the Tullamore Court Hotel on Wednesday 9th of October, explores how businesses, in addressing and responding to climate change, can realise unique economic and business opportunities.

We are all very aware of the many and significant challenges climate change brings across environmental, political, societal, economic and technological dimensions. The scale and urgency of the challenges ahead cannot be underestimated. It is clear that this global scale challenge will require some fundamental transformations.

This conference will explore how responses to climate change can effectively drive innovation, creating economic and business opportunities. It will address international trends and emerging business opportunities in sectors such as energy production, advance manufacturing and sustainable tourism.

Attendees will gain insights into how a number of Irish businesses are adapting and capitalising on new opportunities, while also adapting to mitigate the effects of climate change. The conference will also showcase how businesses and communities can leverage the economic potential of the circular economy and the rise of remote working.




Press Conference

On October 1, a press conference inaugurating the International Circular Week will be held.

During the meeting, the organizers and representatives of the partners will present the main circular economy assumptions and will talk about the initiatives planned during the Circular Week.

Accreditation at:

Studying visit in L'Oreal Warsaw Plant

We invite you to a study visit at the L’Oréal Warsaw Plant factory combined with eco-workshops on sustainable economy. Our factory has been producing a full range of shampoos, body lotions, toners, micellar water, deodorants and hair dyes for 20 years.

L’Oréal Warsaw Plant – actively joins the company’s commitments in the area of ​​sustainable development. In 2017 in the factory by 40 percent. We reduced the amount of waste produced, by 37 percent. – carbon dioxide emissions, and 43 percent. – water consumption compared to the base year of 2005, with a simultaneous increase in production by 250 percent. We are also involved in many local initiatives, we conduct eco-lessons for children from nearby schools, we organize workshops and trainings

All people will be asked to provide the shoe number (technical footwear will be provided on site). Please arrive in flat footwear. During the visit we will also provide you with vests.

Address: Kanie, ul. Warszawska 21

Graffiti on cans

Can an aluminum can become a work of art?

We invite you to an unusual happening during which street artists will create unique graffiti on a structure prepared from pressed aluminum cans. Come and see how a widely used product such as an aluminum can becomes a real work of art.

Happening is not only an artistic event, but above all an opportunity to show that aluminum beverage cans are fully recyclable and aluminum recovery can be carried out indefinitely without losing its value.

Warsaw, 8th of October, 5.00pm

Brokerage meeting "Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry"

On October 9, 2019, National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union invites you to the international brokerage meeting “Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry”. The meeting will be held at the Management Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Warsaw University of Technology.

The purpose of the event is to enable all interested parties to plan and hold a series of bilateral meetings and talks with other representatives of academic, scientific and business communities from all over Europe. During the event a short presentation session, the so-called flash presentations, during which interested participants will have the opportunity to present their design idea as a coordinator or partner.

Registration and more info:


Do you know that?
• Finland, as a first country in the world, published the national roadmap to circular economy.
• The World Circular Economy Forum 2019, that took place in Helsinki in June, presented the most advanced circular economy solutions for governments, industries, businesses and citizens– and put pressure on the EU to strengthen the lea.
• Finland’s new government program raises the circular economy into the very core of the economic and competitiveness policy.
• Finally, circular economy and carbon neutrality have become key themes of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Come and learn about:
• Finland’s Presidency position on circular economy,
• Potential business success stories in Poland,
• Collaboration potential,
• Financing options,
• Vision beyond circular economy.

The key theme for the event is plastic and its substitutes.

By invitation only.
If you are interested in receiving the invitation, please contact:

Circular Design for Architects and Urban Planners. Students Workshop

This workshop aims to create awareness in the students for architecture that when approaching a new site, they should include regenerative pathway of design both on urban and architectural level. This means that within the design process they are required to:

Sustain and preserve what is already on the site – maintain, repair and upgrade resources in use to maximise their lifetime
Use waste as resource – utilise waste streams and recover waste for reuse and recycyling; prioritise regenerative resources
Design for the future – adapt a systematic perspective during the design process to employ the right materials for appropriate lifetime and extended future use
Work in a team to create a joint value – internally and with organisations to create shared values.


Consultations of the Road Map for the sustainable use of plastics in Poland

We cordially invite you to the open consultation of the Road Map for sustainable use of plastics in Poland. They will be held on Wednesday, October 9 at 9:30 – 12:00 at Centrum Smak Kariery Carrefour in CH Atrium Reduta Warsaw.

The map was prepared by the Polish Pact for the sustainable use of plastics. It is to determine the path to a more sustainable use of plastics in Poland. It is created in the process of extensive expert consultations. We encourage you to participate in the consultations of representatives and representatives of companies, non-governmental organizations, public and scientific institutions!


Circular Agricultural Day

Circular agriculture aims at keeping residuals of agriculture biomass and food processing within the food system as renewable resources. Closing cycles will be the new model on which future agriculture is based.

The goal of the Circular Agricultural Day is to inform the Polish stakeholders about the Dutch approach to circular agriculture and gain better insights into legislation, initiatives, and measures of both countries in relation to two items: 1) improving soil quality and 2) preventing food waste.

Polish‑Swiss Innovation Day / Better Urban Life

Better Urban Life.

Warsaw and Zurich, two metropolitan regions in transformation.

The fast pace of urbanization brings about many challenges that authorities, city planners architects and investors are faced with: enhanced mobility and energy demand, social and environmental concerns as well as altered preferences of people. These challenges are real and need urgent responses. The liveability of cities has become an international benchmark, which is crucial to attract talent and develop sustainably in all aspects.

Point of departure of the conference are two remarkable projects, realized in Warsaw and Zurich. VARSO, based in the city center, will be the highest building in the EU. ENSEMBLE will combine two skyscrapers with a football stadium. There was a local referendum on the projects.

Zurich and Warsaw are the strongest economic centers in their respective countries. Future growth has to be intelligent to grasp economic opportunities as well as to avoid negative implications for society and environment. Which courses have to be set? Which existing approaches are inspiring when it comes to better urban life?

Let’s talk about the quality of life in cities.

MsMermaid – Conference Center at The Tides,Wioślarska 8/1 floor, Warsaw

Mazovia Circular Congress

The Mazovia Circular Congress, on 11th of October, will be the core event of the Circular Week. The Congress is co-organized by the Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development and the Mazovian Voivodship.

The event will be a tremendous occasion to meet Polish and international experts and doers in the field of circular economy.

Their participation in the event is confirmed by, among others:

Eveline Lemke – Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economy, Climate Protection, Energy and Land Planning in Rhineland Palatinate, Consultant for Sustainability and Circular Economy, Author, Speaker.

Kim Tjoa – Co-Founder of FLOOW2 World’s Reset Button, the business-to-business sharing marketplace that enables companies to share underutilized assets, waste, resource streams, services, facilities and personnel. He is responsible for the company’s strategy and business development.




DemoDay in Warsaw

Sharon DemoDay is an event summarizing the Sharon Academy acceleration program that has been ongoing since March this year.

55 teams running startup projects in the area of sharing economy applied for the program. Of these, 47 have been invited to the Pitch Contest. Finally, 23 participants joined the acceleration program. At the end of May they took part in bootcamp workshops, during which they worked on their projects under the guidance of experts. After bootcamp these teams also had the opportunity to participate in mentoring with experts of their choice in form of the individual consultations. Mentoring stage ended in mid-September.

During the final – DemoDay, which will be held on October 15th at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw – 5 teams will take part in the last PitchContest – one from each country partnering in the SharOn project: Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia and Italy. One team will win. In addition to the teams’ presentations, expert panels will be held at the event. The first will concern the potential of the sharing economy in solving current ecological problems. The second one will gather mentors from 5 partnering countries in order to help outline the international aspect of creating startups.

We encourage you to register for the event:
Please be advised that due to the closed nature of the event, entries are subject to organizer verification.

More information about the program:
More information about the event:

If you have questions about the event, please contact us at:


Circular Economy Researchers' Network - Closing the Loop


Screening of world’s first feature-length documentary on the circular economy followed by Q&A with the experts.


Register now! Visit

Read more about Circular Economy research Network (CERN):


The textile waste

The textile waste – (10-11th of October)

Recycling of textile from general waste stream – approximately 4% – is currently a problematic issue in Slovakia. The challenge has generated mainly because of appropriate infrastructure´ absence from times of economic linearity. Major portion of textile (customer goods) is relevant for up-cycling via REUSE business models, which may promote social stakeholders generating new green jobs plus added social value for individuals and communities. Industrial textile waste might serve as the virgin material for various textile remanufacturing and up-cycled R&I solutions.

The conference contributes to acceleration of earning new textile products´ value, the waste textile´ reborn, circular textile BATs, green & transport infrastructure´ solutions, and applications for building and construction. Synergy raised from the green public procurement portfolio´ flourishing will contributes to carbon footprint decrease and climate adaptation, finally.

The conference is organized in bottom-up approach on principles of private-public partnership, including more than 50 stakeholders throughout the whole textile value chain, trying to approach all parts of the society challenged by waste textile issue.

For more information, please visit:

Foreign participants – we will communicate with you on individual basis after receiving from you email:
We are interested to participate at conference from abroad!

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