Books are heroes

DATE: 14.10


PLACE: Cieszyn

ORGANISER: Fundacja Ekologiczna Arka

The “Books are heroes” action is for those who like people, books and environment. It is an initiative of the Fundacja Ekologiczna Arka, which combines several aspects; environmental protection, cultural education and social assistance. We collect unnecessary books from our friends and participants, organize a fair giving the books a “second life”, and for the collected funds we fund tickets to cinemas, theaters for kids from orphanages, community centers so to fulfil their dreams.
Over 4 thousand children have already benefited from the action.
The action is about promoting social attitudes, helping with various civic initiatives, building a community in which we TOGETHER do something for others. Everyone can become a hero according to their abilities.

Partners of the action:

Galeria Sfera, Waste Management Plant, Bielsko-Biała City Hall, Grupa Kęty and E-Words

More information – and on FB.



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