Collaboration for a Circular Economy








DATE: 13.10.2020

HOUR: 10:00am – 11:30am


ORGANIZER: Circular Economy Forum Austria 

(The webinar will be conducted in English)

This virtual event organised during Circular Week will focus on interdisciplinary stakeholder collaboration needed for business innovation and the transition to a circular economy. We will present Good Practice, opportunities and barriers for better solutions and provide you with an introductory workshop to explore key success factors and prerequisites for collaboration and co-creation processes.

The webinar addresses companies and individuals, interested in

  • the role collaboration plays for CE
  • co-creation processes
  • the prerequisites in the company for successful interdisciplinary collaboration

The webinar is hosted by Circular Economy Forum Austria, fostering an innovation eco-system to support business in the transition to a circular economy, in cooperation with Circular CoCreation.


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