Toys save animals

DATE: 17.10


PLACE: Bielsko-Biała

ORGANISER: Fundacja Ekologiczna Arka

Action ,,Toys save animals” is a great idea how to create an action from unnecessary things, which everyone is satisfied with. Both the people who give away their toys, as well as those who purchase them at very bargainly prices, and finally the organizations that save animals, achieve measurable effects from this action. In the previous four editions of the action we managed to collect a total of 20 500 PLN.
This is yet another idea that is part of the educational program “We give things a second life”, in which the Fundacja Ekologiczna Arka  encourages a modern and responsible approach to our waste. Many things can be repaired or given away. It is becoming more and more popular to approach waste according to the 5R principle, and one of these principles is REUSE, that is using things again. This principle reminds us that it is possible to use items already used in a different, creative way. This way a culture of producing less waste is built and influences the state of our planet.



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