Circularity & Profitability: How to make circular models financially viable?

DATE: 15 October 2020

HOUR: 11:00am – 12:30pm CET

LINK: Click



Despite the positive consequences of the circular economy, transitioning to circular business models
can be difficult and very expensive too (due, for instance, to the higher cost of recycled raw materials
vs virgin ones, or the consumers’ reluctancy to buy circular products and services, etc.).
The webinar will explore the challenges faced by companies in the transition to circularity and their
strategies to make sure that their circular products/services are financially viable.
Leading companies and experts will discuss how a circular business model can lead to economic
growth, while also highlighting the remaining obstacles preventing companies from unlocking circular
economy’s full potential.
The webinar is open to CSR Europe members and partners and addressed to Sustainability and
Circular Economy managers, and Public Affairs Officers.



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