Circular Economy is a win-win when the Nordics and Poland collaborate

Organizer: Embassy of Sweden in Poland

Date: 6th October 2022, 12:30pm-2:30pm

Address: Swedish Residence, Bagatela 3 Str., Warsaw

On invitation only 

The climate issue is today seen by many companies as fundamental for developing profitable and sustainable technical solutions as well as business models. However, among individual citizens, there is often a fear that these solutions and models are more costly than the existing ones.
The Embassy of Sweden organizes a high-level discussion about how politics can prepare society for rapid climate change and adapt policy instruments to engage individuals.
Some of the issues that will be discussed are:
• What policies are needed to speed up the implementation of the circular economy?
• What do the future instruments for increased circularity look like in the short and long term?
• What circular resources do Poland and Sweden have that can be scaled up?
• What can the collaboration between businesses and policy look like to increase the circular resources?
The discussion will be moderated by Nina Ekelund, the Executive Director
of the Haga Initiative. Representatives of Swedish companies in Poland, Polish
decision-makers, experts, and influencers will take part.
The Haga Initiative is a Swedish business network that works to reduce companies’ emissions and raise the climate issue by showing that ambitious climate strategies provide business benefits and increased profitability.
The Haga Initiative’s climate disclosure for 2021 showed that member companies’ emissions have decreased by 696,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over the course of one year. This corresponds to an average of 42% per company. Ambitions are now being raised with new climate targets for 2030 that cover the entire value chain.


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