How to support small repair facilities and reduce the production of electro-waste?

ORGANISER: Współdzielnik

DATE: 14.10.2021, 17:00-18:30 CEST

PLACE: Działdowska 6, Wolskie Centrum Kultury



There are dozens of small repair facilities in Warsaw. However, many of them are going out of business because of market changes, and last year some did not survive the lockdown. How can we support small entrepreneurs? Will small businesses stand the test of time and are they still useful?

As part of the event, we will think together why it is worth repairing electrical and electronic equipment. What benefits does it bring, apart from reducing the amount of waste generated? Where to go for advice and is it possible to learn how to repair things yourself from scratch? We will discuss the right to repair, the phenomenon of planned obsolescence and access to spare parts.

The event will take the form of a discussion with a representative of the small business community and a representative of North, a company offering spare parts for household appliances and audiovisual equipment, whose motto is “Repair, don’t throw away”. All participants will be invited to discuss and ask questions.

The meeting is organised by the Wolskie Centrum Kultury as part of the Współdzielnik project. It is a new place on the map of Warsaw entirely devoted to circular economy, ecological and climate education, created in partnership with Wola Park. Residents will be able to meet there, spend their free time and expand their knowledge and skills related to life in the spirit of conscious consumption and zero waste.

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