Sustainable cities – what does it mean?

DATE: 15.10.2020
TIME: 18:00

LINK: Click

ORGANIZER: Kraków dla Mieszkańców

8 hours per capita and a total of as much as PLN 300 million per month!
So much time and money is lost while standing in traffic jams. Plus over 100 days
with smog, tons of waste generated that we can’t  reuse, regular felling of valuable trees… This is the reality of life in many Polish cities. And the population of the metropolis is still growing and is expected to be inhabited by 2030 by almost 60
percentage of the population.

The debate on sustainable development of Polish cities is an attempt to find answers to the question of how to ensure high quality of life for residents, bearing in mind the environmental impact and the need to  maintaining the economic development of cities. We will talk to the guests of the panel about  city management, creating a friendly space and  solutions that support this.

They will take part in the meeting:
Magdalena Milert – architect, author of a blog on urban issues “Pieing”
Katarzyna Szwarc – lawyer and public policy expert in the field of Member of the Board of Directors of the Instrat Foundation
Paweł Głuszyński – expert in waste management, member of the Society for Earth
Łukasz Gibała – Councillor of the City of Cracow, leader of the association Kraków dla Mieszkańców



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