This is how the parliamentary parties want to invest in circular economy after COVID-19

The event will be held in Swedish

DATE: 15.10.2020

TIME: 08.30 – 09.30

LINK: Click

Organiser: CirEko


Cradlenet and CirEko take the pulse of the Swedish parliamentary parties.

To what extent and in what way do politicians want to convert Sweden to a circular economy after covid-19? What does the vision look like?

Covid-19 has become an eye opener because we live in a very vulnerable society where we as a country both lack and waste vital resources that are needed if the country’s borders are closed. That is why it is no longer sustainable to let the linear economy prevail. In the circular economy, there is instead an enormous potential for a more sustainable and prosperous society with a competitive business community in balance with the climate and nature.

Prior to the seminar, Cradlenet and CirEko had the parliamentary parties answer a survey on the extent to which and in what way they want to convert Sweden to a circular economy after the crisis is over.

Participating politicians will be able to present their visions and concrete proposals for measures.

The seminar will be held in Swedish


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