Web panel: The green office and hybrid work – what’s next?

DATE: 12.10.2021



PLACE: online

JOIN HERE (no registration required):

How the pandemic and increase of remote and hybrid work has impacted “the green office strategies”, office work changes and changes in office spaces, as well as the future of co-working spaces. The event will be held in cooperation with CEDEF, Central European Development Forum.

About CEDEF, Central European Development Forum: CEDEF is an independent expert organisation engaged in the area of climate change, education and innovations. We create synergy between the creators of public policies, businesses and industry, universities and research organisations, municipalities, international organisations and media. CEDEF engages the leaders in politics, business, culture and other parts of the society, to act and shape the global, regional and local programmes. We believe that progress can be made through gathering various experts and organisations that have the consciousness and the ability to bring positive change in creating a different and sustainable future for all.


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