Closing the cycle in agriculture – sustainable use of energy in agricultural production



DATE: 15 October 2020

HOUR: 2:00pm-4:00pm


ORGANIZER: Embassy of Netherlands


Agriculture, which demands great amounts of energy to produce food for the market, is itself affected by climate change. Pollution depletes the value of agricultural crops and reduces their yields. Stopping the production of greenhouse gases has become a global challenge, also for agriculture. The possibilities of limiting them in agricultural areas are considerable, also in Poland.
Huge emissions of greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides and others heat up the air temperature and affect the climate. Extreme, often unpredictable weather phenomena caused by climate change are repeated with increasing frequency. Storms and floods, which are the result of exhaust emissions, cause great losses in the whole economy.
Drought, on the other hand, is not only a direct threat to agricultural crops, but also to the energy stability of the farm, since it is often the water from the rivers that serves as a coolant for the power plant. In the absence of river water, there are significant problems with the supply of energy.
The direction that the European Union has set in recent years is very clear and focused on actions leading to climate neutrality. Thus, it is certain that initiatives to improve the climate and develop the RES infrastructure will (already are!) supported, but in the long run this will probably become a new reality. With the simultaneous phasing out of fossil fuels, electricity prices have already grown significantly, which directly translates into increased costs of agricultural production.
It is possible that in the long term, the consumer will also pay more attention to issues related to the carbon footprint of the purchased products, which will translate into customer choices. Such trends appear very quickly, but it is impossible to introduce immediate changes in the way energy is supplied to the farm.
Since the energy problems in agricultural production are universal, it is worth looking at the solutions already applied by various innovators. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invites stakeholders to a webinar on the use of energy in agricultural production.
They will take part in the webinar:
– Hubert Herbuś – Blue Fifty – will talk about energy production on the farm using a combination of windmills and photovoltaic panels. By combining two different energy sources it is possible to obtain more power and a more stable power source.
– Klaas Hielke Dijkgraaf- LTO Noord will present the practical application and rules for energy saving / renewable energy that farmers can use on farms.
– The Institute of Zootechnics – the first fully agricultural waste based biogas plant in Poland, which not only serves to produce biogas as an energy source, but also, after processing, is an excellent fertilizer for plants produced on the farm.


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