#Business matchmaking: BIOECONOMY

DATE: 12.10.2021

TIME: 11:00-13:00 (CEST)

HOST: Association Bioeconomy Cluster



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We invite you to business matchmaking sessions on topics related to the bioeconomy and its role in the development of entrepreneurial eco-systems.

Bioeconomy is one of the most crucial areas of development related to the circular economy.

We would like to invite all those who would like to make business contacts, learn more about Polish and foreign solutions and talk to experts.

Substantive partners: Stowarzyszenie Klaster Biogospodarki (Association Bioeconomy Cluster); Pack Alliance | European alliance for innovation training & collaboration towards future packaging; Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform – ICESP

Framework of the meeting:

11:00 – 12:00 – business machmaking for innovative packaging in circular economy – in Polish

11.00-11.10 Introduction Danuta Ciechańska Pack Alliance | European alliance for innovation training & collaboration towards future packaging

11.10. – 11.20 Joanna Kulczycka ‘Pack Alliance Hubs’ scientific-business cooperation for innovation and competence building in the packaging sector, Pack Alliance

11.20 – 11.35 Marta Kutyna – Bakalarska ‘Star-ups and their importance in acceleration of entrepreneurship ecosystems; Bioeconomy Cluster Association

11.35 – 11.50 Artur Bartkowiak ‘Bioinnovations for the packaging sector’, Bioeconomy Cluster Association

11.50 – 12.00 Stanisław Bielecki ‘ Strategic directions of development for circular bioeconomy ‘, Lodz University of Technology / Bioeconomy Cluster Association

12.00 – 13.00 – business machmaking for circular food supply chains – in English

12.00 – 12.10 Welcome – Chiara Nobili, Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform – ICESP

12:10 – 12:20 Rosa Prati, “CAVIRO, where it all come back” – Member of italian National Agrifood Cluster (CL.A.N.).”

12:20 -12:30 Marco Lucchini, “From a food supply chain to a circular food system: the contribution of BANCO ALIMENTARE”

12:30 – 12:40 Lorenzo Labellarte “Circularity and food: a winning duo”

12:40 – 13:00 discussion and matchmaking

The meeting will be led by Danuta Ciechańska, PhD from the Polish Bioeconomy Cluster Association and Chiara Nobili from Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform – ICESP.


Read more about the speakers here:

In 1989, Marco Lucchini was among the founders of Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus and from 1992 to 2016 he was General Director. Since January 2017 he has held the position of Secretary General. He is a Director in the Council of the Fédération Européenne des Banques Alimentaires (FEBA) based in Brussels. For over twenty years he has contributed to the dissemination of the culture of food recovery to face food waste, participating in national and European institutional working tables and collaborating with Institutions, Associations, Companies, Universities and charitable organizations.

Rosa Prati took her master degree in Chemistry Science at the University of Bologna (Alma mater) in 2002 and began working for Caviro group as quality control manager. She then held the role of head of all the laboratories of the Caviro group until 2011. Following with the management of quality and food safety sector in the by-product processing sector, today Caviro Extra, has led the company to be the first certified in the sector for the FSSC 22000 and Excipact standard. Since 2018 head of Research and Development of the Caviro sca, agricultural and wine world.

Caviro Group invested for several years into research and innovation activities related to process optimization and valorisation of winery by-products with a circular perspective. Those allowed to establish a positive social and economic impact in the Italian agro-industrial supply chain. The Caviro circularity is mainly based on  by-product valorisation and high added value products  renewable energy such as bio-methane. CAVIRO group thus recover 99.9 % of the materials entering the factory in Faenza.

Lorenzo Labellarte – his presentation will focus on the CIHEAM Bari institute, what its characteristics are, what it deals with specifically about its mission and objectives, and what types of projects it implements. In respect of circularity, the institute is partner of several projects related to sustainable development in the field of food, agriculture, and environment. In this regard, a brief excursus on the European project FoodShift2030 will be made.

Association Bioeconomy Cluster – was established in 2019 and is a voluntary, self-governing association of individuals as well as companies, scientific and research institutions, and other organisations called supporting members. At the basis of the establishment of the Association was the need to integrate and concentrate the scientific community and entrepreneurs working in the field of bioeconomy, with a particular focus on its cross-sectoral impact, covering the basic pillars of cooperation, i.e. innovation, education, entrepreneurship development and social communication.

We represent large, small and micro-enterprises, NGOs, universities, research units, i.e. entities for which issues such as bioeconomy, cicular economy, waste management, climate change, conservation of natural resources and sustainable development are important. This is what we want to talk about, educate on and design our activities around.

PackAlliance is an alliance of academic and industry organisations from 4 EU countries aiming to strengthen the cooperation between academia and business in developing innovations and building competencies in the area of sustainable packaging, which is crucial for the transition to a circular economy of the plastics sector. The main objective of the PackAlliance project is to bridge the gap between the educational offer of universities and the needs of qualified personnel of the plastic packaging industry in the implementation of circular economy principles. Partners Campus Iberus (ES) – strategic alliance between the Universities of Zaragoza, Navarra, Lleida and La Rioja; AGH University of Science and Technology; Università di Salerno – UNISA; Tampere University of Applied Sciences – TAMK; Ecoembes; Synthos Group; Proplast; Pyroll.


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