Circularity in the Startup Nation

DATE: 12.10.2021



PLACE: online


How does Israel pave its way to circularity? Which actions are taken to accelerate the transition to a circular economy?

During this event, we will discuss the value of innovation and collaboration on the path towards a circular economy in Israel together with key figures in the circular economy and startup ecosystem. Next to that, we will present the first Israeli Circular Innovation competition as a way for you to connect with industry leaders in Israel and help us accelerate the transition to circularity.


Welcome by Avi Blau, Director of Afeka Institute of Circular Engineering & Economy (AICEE)
16:00 – 16:10: Dr. Arik Ryvkin, Director of FoodTech and Circular Economy in the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry
16:10-16:20: Ari Siegmann, head of business development. Israel Innovation Authority
16:20 – 16:30: Rachel Barr, Vice President Sustainability UBQ Materials
16:30 – 16:40: Mino Negrin, CEO NUFiltration
16:40 – 16:50: Presentation of America Israel chamber of commerce Circular Economy Forum, and the first Israeli Circular Innovation Competition. Avi Blau & Camille Janssen
16:50– 17:00: Q&A

UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials has developed a conversion technology that transforms household waste into green thermoplastic material. The patented bio-based material can substitute for oil-based plastics in the production of thousands of everyday products.

With a climate-positive impact, UBQ aims to replace linear consumption models with circular economic ones, eliminating the need for landfills and conserving finite resources for future generations.


NUFiltration designs, manufactures, and distributes water and wastewater treatment systems based on its patented NUF technology. The technology enables the reuse of medical filtration devices in the field of water treatment.

NUFiltration systems are used in greenhouses and hydroponics to recycle drain water by removing all pathogens, viruses, colloidal matter, and other microbiological pollutants while leaving salt and micronutrient levels unchanged. The systems are also effective when water filtration and sterilization are required on-site as a single process for industrial purposes.

The company’s filtration units, which function without electricity, are simple, compact, and robust mini-systems that can produce pure drinking water from contaminated sources under very difficult conditions.

The First Israeli Circular Innovation Competition

At the beginning of 2021, the AMCHAM Israel Circular Economy forum was launched with the mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Israel and beyond together with leading companies such as HP Indigo, Unilever ,Intel, Dow, Netafim, Toyota and more.

As part of the forum, several projects have been established collaboratively, amongst them the first Israeli Circular Innovation Competition, which includes 24 circular economy challenges of these companies to be tackled through open innovation.


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