Future fashion – sustainability of fashion industry

DATE: 11.10.2021


Even though we only have 4 seasons in Europe, popular chains often release several dozen collections a year. Meanwhile the environmental cost of fashion increases. It is estimated that the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions and consumes about 1,5 trillion liters of water every year. Not to mention the ethical concerns of producing clothes in the countries of the Global South and the problem of enormous overproduction.

There is no doubt that the fashion industry needs to change. There already exist successful clothes rentals for special occasions and companies whose business model relies on the sustainable use of resources or new production methods which eliminate harmful chemicals. These novel solutions also include plant-based leather substitutes.

We would like to invite you to take part in a webinar with the representatives of fashion brands in Poland. The invited experts strive to implement sustainable production methods compatible with the concept of circular economy. They look for solutions and technologies that will enable them to manufacture durable and economically viable products that will be attractive to consumers. These people ensure their products can be repaired and are packaged in an eco-friendly way. They want their accessories and clothes to last for years.

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