Zero-waste catering! How to introduce reusable containers into take-aways and beverages in your organization?

DATE: 14.10.2021

TIME: 15:00 CEST


ORGANIZER:  YoYo.Boost.Reuse

LANGUAGE:  English

  • How to effectively introduce reusable containers for food and beverages in schools, colleges or your office?
  • Do you run a diet catering business or deliver delicious take-away meals to businesses, but do not know what to do to get started in a sustainable way?
  • Do you want to reach customers who value zero-waste principles?
  • Are you horrified by the amount of trash that results from take-away meals and snacks at events?

Join a workshop hosted by YoYo.Boost.Reuse, a Dutch company that specializes in finding circular and planet-friendly solutions for starting companies. We invite people who consume take-away meals in schools, universities, offices, banquets, boxed diets and would like to learn how to reduce the amount of waste generated in a convenient and cost-effective way.


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