Zero-waste catering! How to introduce take-away packaging in reusable containers at your organization?

DATE: 14.10.2021

TIME: 15:30 CEST


ORGANIZER:  YoYo.Boost.Reuse

LANGUAGE:  English

  • How to effectively introduce reusable containers for food and beverages in schools, colleges or your office?
  • Do you run a diet catering business or deliver delicious take-away meals to businesses, but do not know what to do to get started in a sustainable way?
  • Do you want to reach customers who value zero-waste principles?
  • Are you horrified by the amount of trash that results from take-away meals and snacks at events?

Join a workshop hosted by YoYo.Boost.Reuse, a Dutch company that specializes in finding circular and planet-friendly solutions for starting companies. We invite people who consume take-away meals in schools, universities, offices, banquets, boxed diets and would like to learn how to reduce the amount of waste generated in a convenient and cost-effective way.


The webinar will be host by Joanna Olszanska – Polish law graduate who grew into a zero-waste expert. Previously worked in Belgium, the UK, Singapore and in the Netherlands in environmental advisory services in the financial sector.

How the YoYo.BoostReuse started?

In 2018 when I lived in Asia, I was overloaded with all sorts of disposables. It was upsetting to witness the pollution caused by disposable packaging used for takeaway meals and drinks.

When I came back to Europe, I wanted to learn what is the problem of single-use packaging and why disposables end-up in nature

I have noticed that the global awareness about pollution caused by SUP was increasing, but alternatives and solutions were not easily accessible in customer’s daily lives. I also discovered there was a lot of misinformation on properties of different alternative materials, and their impact on the environment.

My ambition was to validate the best solution for the environment and the users of take-away packaging. It was important for me to combine scientific research, market studies and conducting pilots.

I wanted to walk the talk and in 2019 decided to build a business that effectively decreases the quantity of waste generated by take-away packaging.

That’s when YoYo launched a journey to boost the reuse culture!


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